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На какой магистерской программе факультета Вы бы хотели учиться?

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Report on accreditation of the program

of the bachelor of management of ECBE, 2008


Current foreign partners of our Department:

  • Beijing Normal University (China)

  • Beijing Foreign Studies University (China)

  • Beijing University of Technology (China)

  • Guizhou University of Finance and Economics (China)

  • Guizhou University Minzu (China)

  • University of Vismar (Germany)

  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

  • Rotterdam University Applied Sciences (Holland)

  • The Institute of Technology and Businesses in České Budějovice (Česká republika)

The list of possible directions of partnership with the Faculty of Management, Plekhanov Russian Economic University.

 1.     Educational and methodical work.

 1.1.         Academic exchanges: business trips for conducting courses on topical subjects specialities of a management, economics, human resources and Public Administration (the list is going to be approved in the additional agreement) for a predetermined period.

1.2.         Admission of candidates on bachelor and master degrees on current educational programs.

1.3.         Exchange of educational literature and teaching materials in the areas of cooperation; assisting each other in the development of working programs and organizing educational and research groups.

1.4.         Preparing graduate and doctoral students from the staff of partner institutions.

1.5.         Developing joint efforts to work out a distance education.

1.6.         Preparing joint applications for grants and projects in international educational programs in the field of management, economics, human resources and Public Administration.

1.7.         Holding a range of joint events in cooperation with local student organizations  (conferences/seminars, e.g. Joint Summer seminar with the representatives of the student self-government, a business game

1.8.         Improving the knowledge of the Russian language.

1.9.         Making the performance in the Russian language;

1.10.       Developing the other forms of the cross-cultural interaction of the students, etc.


2.     Research work.

2.1.         Preparing joint text-books and monographs.

2.2.         Conducting research in the field of management, economics and human resources management through joint targeted programs for each type of research.

2.3.         Holding scientific and research conferences with the prominent speakers of science and business with the publication of joint theses´ collections of the speakers.

2.4.         Participation in specific seminars within the framework of international exhibitions, special conferences.

2.5.         Cooperation between student organizations and associations of young scientists of both parties.

2.6.         Opportunity to participate in all the events that are organized by the institutions.

2.7.         Finding grants and participating in them, etc.



For more information or access to the presentation of the faculty, please do not hesitate to contact Vice-dean for international cooperation via management_at_rea.ru